B's Get Degrees

I wrote this as I was waiting for my Math final:

"Sitting and waiting for my math final to start. I'm here early sitting front row. Go me! I keep repeating the quadratic formula in my head like that's going to be the hardest part of the test. HA! Ya right. I'm all about coming to a test empty handed. No need to review my notes because let's be honest: If I don't know it now I'm not going to remember it in the middle of a final. Amiright??? It's all about the moment of truth. As of now I am feeling pretty confident but we'll see how I feel AFTER. "

 After I typed that I started looking around and realized I didn't recognize anyone in the class...then the TA walks in and SURPRISE! I'm in the wrong place for my final :|

I run down to the Math office and rudely interrupt someone so I could figure out where my final was starting in T-minus 2 MINUTES!!! I sprinted across the road and luckily found the place in time....

45 minutes later I handed in my test. 1 class down,  1 to go!

Next I drove to my Political Science Statistics final. I've enjoyed this class and actually learned some stuff! The final was pretty easy I just have one thing to say. NEVER SECOND GUESS YOURSELF! I entered in my questions and when I was going back through to double check I changed a few...and once I submitted it guess what? My original answers were right. 4 POINTS DOWN THE DRAIN! Bummer.

Since it was electronic we immediately got our scores back aaaannndd.....I B'ed it! (not Aced...B'ed)

I have 10 days of a little rest and relaxation before summer semester begins (Only 4 classes away from graduation. I can do this!)

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