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If you read my blog you know I fail at any and all blogging challenges. so instead of posting all the rules and topics I'm supposed to blog about EVERY DAY (ya...not happening) I am just going to begin and if I miss a day it won't really be like I missed a day because I never actually POSTED the challenge. (see what I did there?) Anywho....here is today's

Day 1: The story of your life in 250 words or less

It all started on the 13th day of November in 1989. Yes I'm an 80's baby, narrowly missing the deadline by 47ish days. My mom says I was funny looking at first, but eventually grew into my face. Toddler years were my "mommy killer" phase. I spent my childhood creating 4 page stories and causing mischief with my big bro. I was a teaser and spent most of my young people days bugging my siblings and being my dad's favorite (shh don't tell). I competed with 2 boys in elementary school to be the smartest kid ( i got stuck on my 4's multiplication table and lost that challenge.) Jr. High was spent thinking I was cool with my Bff. We dressed the same, talked the same, and thought we were BAMF. I cut my hair in 9th grade and never looked back. Skip high school (nothing to see here). Did cool stuff with my hair in cosmetology school, 80's dancing, lots of kissing boys moments, more 80's dancing. Moved to Logan and had to grow up a little. Met this guy named Bart (but seriously, who has a name like Bart? This guy did). Fell in love with said guy. Dominated school (B's get degrees). Wrote for a school paper, made some good memories..got married..moved to SLC. Still in this marriage thing and currently working at a TV station. Healthy eater by force...wishing for cookies and Kit Kat bars. Living happy and healthy. Dreams are coming true..

 (249 words. BAM)

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  1. Holy cow!! I loved reading this! And those 4 multiplication tables are tricky!!



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