8 Miles

I was M.I.A last week from the blogging world but there was plenty of stuff going on! I started the week off sick and spent Wednesday on the couch watching Million Dollar Listings L.A. it's my new guilty pleasure. 

On Thursday we took off to Jackson Hole Wyoming for a little Bowen family reunion! 4 days of camping. I think that's the longest time I've spent in a tent and smelling like a fire. It was a blast. We biked, hiked, swam and floated our way through the weekend. I will post pics of our adventures later. 

The best part of the trip? The 8 MILE run Bart and I went on early Saturday morning. We took off and headed south down a long road with the Grand Tetons on our right and giant trees on our left. It was a beautiful morning and an amazing run. It was full of hills and we totally rocked it! I felt super hard core with my CamelBak and headlamp strapped on. It was my longest run to date and I was so happy. Bart and I were having a great time. I can't tell you how amazing it feels to be able to run long distances. I could have kept going that morning. It was the perfect equation for a successful run!

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