6 Miles

I ran 6 miles today. Not only did I run 6 miles, but I ran 6 miles without crying which technically means I accomplished one of my new years resolutions (run a 10K without crying).

13 months ago I ran a 10K and it was the most miserable thing I had ever done. Even after training for 5 months it was hard! not only was it hard, but it was painful. I walked a lot of it and hated every step. At that time I just thought I hadn't worked hard enough. I thought my body just wasn't made to run. Little did I know that I was half correct

My body was too sick to run. It wasn't producing the chemicals bodies need in order to not only improve, but recover. My cortisol levels were pretty much non existent so when I was pushing myself and putting "stress" on my body there was nothing there to back me up. My body was not supporting me! Of course I didn't realize that until 4 months ago. I stopped exercising all together and just 2 months ago I started up again. I could Immediately tell something was better. So THIS is how it feels to have your body function properly! I'm no longer in constant pain when I run, and I can see improvement if I train.

Which leads us today and my 6 miles. Last weekend Bart ran his 3rd Half Marathon

I was so proud of him! He is such a stud and trained hard, beating his personal record! My friends Jess and Debbie were there and were talking about the Nebo Half Marathon on September 7th. 6 weeks away....it got me thinking....could I do it? I was currently training for a 10K and the thought of running twice that distance made me a little nervous. I asked Jess what she thought and she told me to run 15 miles this week with a long run of 6 miles and see how I felt. So I did! That was a 4 mile increase from my total weekly distance and I was curious to see how my body was going to handle it.

This past week I ran 3 miles three separate times and then this morning I ran 6 more. And guess what? I didn't cry. I kicked butt. I felt strong. I felt empowered. I felt my body working like it normally should.It gave me the confidence I need to say YES to that Nebo Half Marathon. Next Saturday will be 7 miles, then 8, then 9, 10 and finally the half. I know my body is going to have some aches and pains. But I also know if I don't commit to something like this half, than I'll never have an excuse to train and see what happens.

It's amazing how bodies function when they're healthy. When everything is in order they are a MACHINE! A well oiled machine that is capable of so much. I'm so thankful to have my machine working correctly and I look forward to pushing that machine to places it's never been before.

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