The past month I have been obsessed with pinterest because we're buying a house (yay) and apparently that brings out the craftiness in me. Most things on pinterest are so unreasonable it's ridick (more on that in a later post) and other things on pinterest just piss me off. Like this photo:

"thinspiration" is nothing new. but it's still stupid. How can someone think this is beneficial? Do you really think this will help you be healthier? how is saying "this is the last day I am this fat and unhealthy" healthy at all? I would say every day you say this to yourself you become more and more unhealthy. 

Stop calling yourself fat and stop making impossible goals you will never reach. stop looking at this beautiful person and think you can look just like her. you can't. your body will never look like that. AND THAT'S OKAY!! it doesn't need to look like that. you are beautiful the way you look RIGHT NOW. calling yourself fat and unhealthy is damaging and stupid. stop doing it. love who you are and let that love fuel your goals. not this skinny chick who you will NEVER look like. 

there. I said it. 

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