Spring 2009. USU 1360-Integrated Physical Science. Grade: B-

Another USU required course that I didn't do very well in. I remember sitting on the right side of the classroom and halfway down the rows. I hadn't embraced the front row just yet. Science isn't my best subject. And by that I mean I suck at it. This was the typical here is a cell class. Cells have mitochondria and other cool stuff inside them. They all work together like a well oiled machine. Now let's learn about the plant and animal system. We are homo-sapiens (I think....) and this is where we fall in this tree of life. Can you tell how much I learned?? I wish I understood slash cared more about science. But I just don't.

Fall 2012. COMM 5300- Mass Communication Law. Grade: B+

Throughout my whole communications/broadcasting degree I was told that Mass Comm Law was the hardest class you'll take. Take a light load because this one is a biotch. Well either I'm a freakin' genius or I got lucky. I'm going to go with the latter. This was a night class at the U because I had already started by job at ABC4. This was my ONLY class this semester #overachiever so I could focus all my mind powers on passing. It wasn't that hard and I actually learned a lot.  The main thing I learned is that many lawyers conversate the same way. My dad is a lawyer so I have a little bit of experience in this department. If I closed my eyes it was almost like my dad was teaching this class. They just have this attitude and way of speaking (not a bad thing). They also have a way of dealing with confrontation. They deflect and bounce it back onto you. It's annoying and sometimes humiliating.

I blogged about this class when I finished it and I'll steal a few things I learned from that post:
Stuff you may or may not know about Mass Media Law

Promissory Estoppel belongs to the source. Basically they can sue a journalist if a promise of anonymity was made and then broken (pending a few exceptions of course, because this is the legal system we're talking about)

Intellectual Property should be copyrighted once it's in a tangible medium, or you can't really seek damages if someone infringes on your work.

The work you do while employed is considered "work made for hire" and belongs to your employer, not you.

Fanciful Marks are the best kind of Trademarks (the Nike Swoosh wouldn't exist if Nike didn't)

Same-party candidates have to be allowed the exact same amount of air time as their opponents during a primary election

Obscenity is illegal, Indecency is legal

Children's programming can't have more than 12 minutes of commercials per hour during the weekday and 10 minutes of commercials during the weekend

Fall 2009. USU 1330- Civilization: Creative Arts. Grade: C

Don't judge me for getting a C in creative arts. Creative arts is a stupid class with 900 students who don't care what the teacher is saying. I would have to go to plays and sit in the very top row for 5 hours and then write a report. After one of those hellish experiences I learned to check in at the front, and have Bart pick me up around back when I snuck out the other exit. At the time I really felt like my time was more important than furthering my cultural experiences.

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