Shut up and run

It was such a beautiful day today with the  sun shining and a light breeze. A perfect day to run. So I laced up my sneaks and hit the pavement.

Within two minutes my swollen feet were yelling at me saying "these running tennies don't fit!" And my hips were saying "hey, we're busy getting ready for birth and this running thing isn't our idea of a good time." Even my pregnant belly was a little irritated. 

I told them all to shut up and deal. 

And I ran. 

As a runner you learn that discomfort isn't a reason to quit. It's a reason to prove to yourself that you are in charge- not the aches and pains that try to tell you otherwise! 

My shoes are too tight and my running pants no longer "hug me in all the right places" they more squeeze me into submission.  But my lungs still work and my heart still loves it. So I am going to keep on running. 

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