2 Cents: Along Came a 9 Pound Baby

I have a few things I want to talk about today and I'm in that mood that makes blogging extra fun for all of you readers out there so...enjoy!

First thing's first. I posted this article on FB Woman Delivers 9-Pound Baby in Surprise Pregnancy
and I will ask the same question here. HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN??? It's not this specific story that gets me, because I have seen a bunch of them. It's the whole "surprise pregnancy" thing that I can't wrap my head around. Before I was pregnant I thought it was strange and unlikely. Now that I am pregnant I find it impossible for this to be completely true.

There are a few "surprise pregnancies" that I can understand. The "oops I got knocked up by my boy toy down the street" or the "I'm on birth control and BAM it happened anyway" or then the "we've been trying for years and it finally happened" surprise. I understand that not all pregnancies are planned. Cool. whatever. It's the whole all of a sudden I'm in labor and have a 9 pound baby in my arms surprise that I just can't comprehend.

Let's discuss shall we? What happens to a woman's body when she gets pregnant? 

Number 1: you miss your period. The same monthly cycle that should be happening pretty regularly. Really intense athletes or other women with different issues don't always have this monthly visitor, but those are the exception to this age old rule. Miss it once shame on you, miss it twice maybe you forget...miss it 8 times in a row? unlikely.

Number 1.5 I'm kind of skipping past the whole "you feel shitty" part of things because not everyone would attribute that to pregnancy so I will let that pass.

Number 2. A baby starts to GROW INSIDE OF YOU. It starts off small, but eventually that little one is being measured in pounds...not ounces. I don't care how overweight someone is, the body changes of a baby aren't the same as typical weight gain! It's focused in one area (hello baby bump) and it gets pretty hard. It doesn't say squishy like a fat belly. It's round and it's sturdy and THERE'S A BABY INSIDE. Am I missing something??

Number 3: You should eventually feel said baby move. It might start out feeling like gas, but from stories I have heard you can soon start to see your belly move as your baby moves. once again further proving that THERE'S A BABY INSIDE.

I can see how it might take a woman several months to catch on that she's pregnant, but to get through your entire pregnancy and go into labor without knowing?  I just feel like there must be a few strings not attached for that to happen....

Anyway, that's what I think. I get that it happens. I just don't get that it is actually happening...

*here is my other post from today where I essentially tell everyone to go to hell...enjoy!

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