Day 365

Wow, it has already been a year since I was diagnosed with Hashimotos! Hard to believe it's already been a year, and that it's only been a year! Getting pregnant while still getting use to the lifestyle changes has felt like two steps back in the whole process, but I am still proud of how far I have come. In fact, 21 weeks pregnant and I still don't weigh as much as I did a year ago before I found out what was going on with my body. Crazy right? Obviously my weight loss wasn't the most important change I went through, but it is pretty easy to measure.

To say that Hashimotos changed my life would be the understatement of the year. I learned self disciple and gained a greater appreciation for my body. I finally understood that I have so much more control over my health than I realized. I became more conscious of my decisions and how those decisions impacted my life. My cravings for sugar have NEVER gone away and I have probably eaten my weight in carrots. Some days I really hate having to wonder about what I am eating 24/7. Other days I don't have to think twice.

Before being diagnosed I felt like crap all.the.time. Bart really wanted a baby but I couldn't even imagine having to take care of a little person when I could barely take care of myself!  I knew I eventually wanted to be a mother, it just didn't seem possible with my current health. I got pregnant within a few months of completing my program because I was finally confident with myself and my body and I knew I would be able to handle it. I'm so thankful for the diagnosis because not only did it change my life and my health/body, but it made it possible for me to want a baby and know that I could be a good mom. I don't know if there is any greater blessing than that!

I would go through all the great things that have changed with my body and treatment but the current prego situation kind of reverses a few things...that being said, I'm interested to see how my post-baby experience goes as I continue to live this lifestyle.

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