Hi baby: I love you

Hi there sweet baby,

I had the day off work today since our babysitter went out of town. You get two full days of DADDY the rest of the week. I'm assuming you'll survive.....

So after nap time I put you on the floor to play. I love seeing your little body move a little differently each day. You use to move your chubby legs tenatively, not totally confident in yourself. Now you kick and squirm with a purpose. I can tell that you are experiencing and learning from each and every move you choose to take. You move your arms and legs and different rates and different angles, realizing your body is your own. I love it. 

I gave you my puppy today. My favorite stuffed animal is now yours, and you seemed to like it just as much as I did. The fact that I can pass down my old toys to you is pretty great. I never gave this puppy a name, maybe you will name it?

The more I am with you the more amazed I am by you. How did I get so lucky to have such an angel for a baby? You are seriously so easy, so happy, so fun and so adorable. I know most babies aren't like you, and I'm going to enjoy being spoiled by your sweet nature. 

So this is pretty much a sappy love letter because that's how I'm feeling lately: So totally and completely in love with you. 


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