I would like to show you a piece of my world:

"As the private sector has exerted more and more dominance in advancing new bio-technologies, the public sector has had to invest a growing share of its scarce resources in enhancing biotechnological capacities in public institutions including the CGIAR and in evaluating and responding to the challenges posed by incorporating private sector technologies into existing farming systems. Such funds would be much better used to expand support for ecologically based agricultural research, as all the biological problems that biotechnology aims at can be solved using agroecological approaches. The dramatic effects of rotations and inter-cropping on crop health and productivity, as well as of the use of biological control agents on pest regulation have been confirmed repeatedly by scientific research. The problem is that research at public institutions increasingly reflects the interests of private founders at the expense of public good research such as biological control, organic production systems and general agroecological techniques . Civil society must request for more research on alternatives to biotechnology by universities and other public organizations (Krimsky and Wrubel l996). There is also an urgent need to challenge the patent system and intellectual property rights intrinsic to the WTO which not only provide multinational corporations with the right to seize and patent genetic resources, but that will also accelerate the rate at which market forces already encourage mono-cultural cropping with genetically uniform transgenic varieties. Based on history and ecological theory, it is not difficult to predict the negative impacts of such environmental simplification on the health of modern agriculture (Altieri l996)."

If you made it through that whole paragraph I want you to come be my best friend and write my English paper for me because I have been reading THAT, and 5 other articles of about 4,789 words each -no exaggeration- for the past hour and my head hurts and I officially hate Bio-engineered food.

With that being said...I am so stressed! I hate trying to find time to do something only to realize the soonest I can do it is in 5 days. I love school, I love to learn, but the fact that it is only day 3 is scaring me a little bit.....


My best friend's wedding is this weekend plus my little brother is turning 14 so I get to go home for a day! I can't wait.


  1. You forgot one very important thing, Your nieces will be in town too! (And your favorite sister in law but its ok I know you guys like the girls more lol)
    I read like 4 sentences of that, and felt some warm stuff coming out of my ear, pretty sure it was melted brains. Ouch. Good Luck with that paper.

  2. Haha! Thanks Ashley! And I honestly forgot about you guys coming to town. I have my days ALL mixed up. I can't wait though!! (And yes...I havent finished all of the reading yet...I put the pro in procrastination)

  3. Well, glad I reminded you then... and if I had to read that mumbo jumbo I would have WAY more than my days mixed up LOL!! Love you, can't wait to see you!!!!



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