First Day of School

First day of school observations

1. As a licensed hair professional I am asking everyone to PLEASE stop poofing your hair a foot off of your head. Having a birds nest with a thin layer of hair attempting to cover it is NOT attractive. I have never once met a guy who finds that hot. In fact, every guy I know makes fun of you for having your hair like that so enough is enough....just stop. If I have any desire to touch your head and see how far it will squish down, you have a problem.

2. This is mostly just for Freshman and let me preface this comment with the following conversation that went on in my class today:

Teacher (T) : You will have 3 exams in my class, 2 during the regular semester and 1 final and the final is NOT comprehensive.

3 minuets later

Student (S): Is the Final going to be comprehensive?

T:No, it will just cover the last part of the material we cover.

S: So what you're saying is the Final won't be on everything we covered for the whole semester?

T: Yes that is what I am saying. No comprehensive test.

2 minutes later

S: Are we allowed to leave when we are done with our tests?

T: Has any professor made you stay?

S: Well this is my first year so I just don't know, I have never been able to just leave a class when I am finished hahahha.

Stupid Stupid Stupid.

3. I have no problems with English Majors. I have problems with English Majors who say "anyways"

4. Any human being over the age of 10 should NEVER say "Cool Beans" Ever.

This is only the beginning....

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  1. Hahahahhahaa I saw a girl at walmart yesterday with hair poofed so high she had like 3 wisps covering it and then the birds nest... it was sick. Granted she also had gems by each eye and gold lipstick on, as well as foundation as thick as her hair poof. I giggled to myself. :D



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