Today's happenings

For some reason I was really bothered by work today and let me explain to you why;

First of all, I am really sick of these gross 14 year old boys not washing their hair and wanting a nasty long shag that their mothers do NOT want. Then of course they want me to try to make it all work. Either it is above the ears or over the ears, I'm sorry but that is the best I can do and maybe you should worry about your son's apparent hygiene issues instead of his hair length

Next, do not come into my salon and notice all of the people waiting and tell me that we are behind. For some reason this really bothered me. I can only cut hair so fast and when you say I am behind it makes it sound like it is my fault that 7 people decided to walk in the door at the same time. Shut up, sit down, and wait your turn.

Dear mothers, if you are annoying, I am not going to be overly friendly to you. If you are super picky about stupid things I am not going to be overly nice to you and act like it is okay. If you are rude to me I am not going to smile and laugh at your jokes you are now attempting to make. Be nice to me and shut up. I know what I am doing, YOU do NOT know what you are talking about and I didn't care about keeping my job I would tell you that to your face instead of vent about it in my blog.

I really should make a book or something about salon etiquette because you people have NO IDEA how to act.


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