You probably didn't know...

I can wiggle my ears

I am very okay with being by myself

I have a recurring dream with dinosaurs in it

I have become less and less friendly

I still have 3 things from when I was a baby in my bedroom
            1. My baby blanket
            2. My stuffed animal Dalmation Dog
            3. My cabbage patch doll "Carlosy"

Ribs are my favorite food

I don't want to plan my wedding

I have a journal and I write in it because I want my future daughter to one day read it so she realizes I was once her age too

I am terrified of the dark

No one thinks I am that smart....but I am.

I don't take criticism well

Either I am in bed by 10 or up all night

Once upon a time I was a really good soccer player

I am addicted to candy
My nails are never able to grow long

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