I forgot I was going to do this once a week.

 What I learned in school:

1. How to take a picture on a high end camera
2. Diagonal lines in a picture gives us a sense of movement. Larger objects have more power, and we sort things by color before we sort them by shape.
3. Every camera doesn't need a view finder, even though the text book says otherwise
4. If you are a defense attorney you sometimes want to get the prosecutor's witness on the stand mad at you because then they look more like a fool to the jury.
5. The reason why the Jazz and Lakers websites are similar is because the NBA wants to create the connection that it isn't about the team, it's about the National Basketball Association.

Not in class: Dashboard Confessional is very much an Emo band.

1 comment:

  1. I love how 4 and 5 come straight out of nowhere. And, they were both interesting facts.



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