Porcelain adventures

My new goal before I graduate college?

Have a professor tell me I should drop out of their class...
oh wait
that already happened.

But seriously, my new goal:

Use every bathroom on campus.
Is this possible? I am going to say probably not.
I haven't been into every building on campus much less the bathrooms.
and it's not like I really "go" that often anyway. I know girls supposedly pee all of the time but I feel like a morning visit, one after my first and third class, around lunch time, and before I head home really isn't that often....right? :)
But it is so exciting discovering a new bathroom.
I don't know why, but I like it.
Catherine told me about the one today in the Financial Aid office and it blew my mind.
They are seriously everywhere.

don't judge me. 


  1. IN the Financial Aid office? For real??

  2. YES! Can you believe it? I have been going up those stairs this whole time! Catherine may or may not have saved my life in the long run.



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