Kitchen Fail

I just spent an hour in the kitchen making Chicken Cordon Bleu (fancy I know). So I complete my masterpiece, go take a shower and get ready for work. I then go check on my dish and it is still cold. WTF?! The oven is set to 400 and yet my chicken is cold. I am so pissed! I turned the oven up to 550 and started to feel a little heat so maybe that will work. If I have to throw this stuff away because my oven isn't working I am going to be so upset. I honestly thought about going over to the church to cook it. I am starving and my potentially great tasting meal may or may not be destroyed.

I might resort to my ever trusty Rice Crispies.

The good news is my hair is cute today and hopefully it will say cute because Bart and I are taking our Engagement pictures tomorrow.

More good news is that I kicked butt at the gym today AND there was no creepy guy around. (I havent seen creepy guy since my blog post about him...yay.)

1 comment:

  1. what the!? u didnt tell me ur taking your pictures?!! i'm not a very good stalker lol i miss u lots
    sarah g
    ps i submit as annonymous cause i dont know how to get it to work any other way. So suffer through the annoyingness ha



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