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I have not been the best blogger lately, I guess I have discovered that I have 302834 better things to be doing. However, I am in the mood to blog right now but don't necessarily have a lot to say so I might have to BS my way through this until something comes to mind.

First and foremost. I hate elections week. I hate listening to a debate between three nicely polished young men who want to become Presidents of ASUSU. I wanted to barf all over their shiny shoes and ironed collars. Politics is a bunch of BS. We all know that unfortunately it is just a popularity contest. It always has been, and at least in the education system, it always will be. I was 9th grade president and the only reason why I won was because I was a girl and the other one was a guy and lets face it, guys in 9th grade don't vote for other dudes. 

I am sad to say that nothing has changed since good old times of 9th grade. These guys that are sitting up here talking about how much they love USU and how they would take their mothers and Big Blue with them to a stranded island are just looking to be the center of attention. They are looking for something that will put them above everyone else for 2 semesters. They want to have a very nice looking resume for when they graduate college. Good for them. I want those things too, that is not what I have a problem with. I have a problem with them acting like they have any other intentions than those I mentioned above. 

Lets all stop kidding ourselves into thinking that these boys will look outside their circle of friends when it comes to making decisions that affect the entire student body, and look at this election week for what it really is.

That being said, I do plan on seeing how much candy I can get from all the different campaigns.

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