Fat Free

So I am sick right? Currently my Gallbladder wants to attack me from the inside out, and the worst part of it all so far besides the pain?

The fact that we just spent $50 at the grocery store and every single item was fat free. 

That stupid cart was full of fat free yogurt, apples, applesauce, jello, rice, skim milk, rice cakes, and fat free dressing for all the yummy yummy salad I will be eating.

Now usually I like these things, these are things I would buy anyway, it's the fact that I HAVE to buy them now, the fact that I physically can't eat anything else.

Guess what I have eaten today?
Dry cereal
Tuna Fish (with no dressing or anything added, just strait tuna fish from the can)
Plain rice
and some lettuce with salsa on it because Bart was sweet enough to try to give it some flavor.

If this effing disease doesn't make me skinny I don't know what will.

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