Stupid September

So...not to be a Debbie Downer or anything, but I think September is going to suck.

I have to have surgery tomorrow (which is good, because that means I can stop being paranoid about what I can eat.....and I can actually eat). So surgery is a good thing, the recovery isn't going to be.

The doctor said expect about a week, but even after that I will be tired and sore and hating life...okay cool. Well I have already missed days at school, and will be missing at least two more and that is what stresses me out. I learned the hard way that missing class is NOT what you should do, but it looks like I will be missing a lot of September classes.

I am hoping that since it is early in the year, I will be able to catch up. I just won't miss any classes after September, that's a good goal right?

Also, I just finished watching seasons 3-6 of Grey's Anatomy (which has totally messed with my mind) so I dont have anything to watch during all of this down time I will be having! I didn't plan that very well that's for sure.

At least I planned it well when it comes to football (right Bart?!?) I should be good to go for USU's Homecoming, and then we are planning on going to the USU BYU game at the end of the month - I am not totally psyched for this, mostly because Bart is a little ridiculous when it comes to BYU so I dont' know how much fun will be happening during that game- 

Either way, my surgery is on a by-week so GO ME! 

p.s. I need something cool happen so my blog can stop being so lame. My apologies. 

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