My Football Coach

2 years 3 months and 29 (ish) days ago I married a football coach.

Football season in our house doesn't start in August, it starts in April. With early morning workouts that turn into summer workouts that turn into football camps and 2-a-days and finally GAMES. Friday (and Thursday) night games.

After hours of practicing it all comes down to Friday night's game. Which is a shame sometimes. The loss of a game makes you question why you put in all that work during the week. It can be frustrating, not fun. But it can also be fun. Football can be the rain coming down and an interception pass that turns into a touchdown. It can be watching the new little freshman cheerleaders learning their routines and messing up. It can also be fun.

And then other days it's just long. It's raining...the team is losing and my butt hurts. I can't eat anything from the snack shack so I sip on water...I'm sick of listening to the stupid cheerleaders spell.

I'm by myself watching my cute husband with his khakis that are too big and his determination which is just big enough. Sometimes he yells..sometimes he pulls a kid aside and gives him a pep talk.

Sometimes it's fun. And sometimes it's just long.

2 years 3 months and 29(ish) days ago I married a football coach and I have loved every second of it.

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