Faith doesn't apply to dentists.

Faith is like a little seed.

This is what Bart told me after I came home from the dentist.

Confused? Me too.

You may or may not know that I have been having a tooth issue this month, and today I had to go in for the third time. I originally went in for a horrible toothache. He took x-rays. Drilled a little...and sent me on my way. Needless to say I was back in his chair the next business day. The second visit he looked around again, drilled some more....and sent me on my way. Since that second visit my tooth has been sore, but not painful, so I was just hoping it would go away completely....which of course didn't happen because this is me we are talking about and i have the worst luck with doctors/dentists.

So this morning in the middle of going through my show, my face starts to go numb. I look in the mirror and my left side is nice and chubby. I felt my gums and yes, a huge bump across my back teeth/gums. No more denial for Meggy....time to call the dentist.

So I go in today and after an hour of waiting ( not happy about that BTDubs) he takes another X-ray...drills a little more and SENDS ME ON MY WAY. are you freaking kidding me? Obviously this drilling thing isn't working pal so how about a new approach? I wasn't going out without a fight though so I stayed in the chair and drilled him (haha...get it? didn't even plan that) with questions.

"If you think my tooth is just still healing from the "trauma", why is my face now going numb?" 
"Well I guess I'll prescribe you an antibiotic for that" 
(Yeah, that's what I thought)

"Does it look like a root canal?"
 "Not yet" 
NOT YET?? Well freak, let's just wait another week so I can be in MORE pain and miss MORE work because it isn't a root canal YET. 

"So the swelling is just going to go away?"
"Well here is some medicine-like mouth wash you can use, and you need to take a decongestant because your sinuses suck. if this doesn't work you can come back in and we will get more evasive." 
(What does that even mean anyway My sinuses suck? Loving that diagnosis.)

Are you starting to understand why I hate all doctors? I go in to get my wrist/arm checked and they say it's carpel tunnel....even though it's not even affecting the right fingers. I go into the dentist THREE TIMES and he does the SAME THING each time and sends me on my way! So here I am, with a face still swollen and a tooth still sore with two new pills to take and some gross mouth wash.

$50 says I am back to the dentist next week.

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