Goodmorning World

I am feeling pretty dang good  this morning and here is why::

I woke up early....really early....just like I had planned

The lady at Walmart called me "girlfriend" and said I should be on T.V.

I bought me some Listerine Mouthwash and spent 30 seconds killing all that nasty stuff in my mouth

I am starting another semester of school today, except this time, the semester is filled with classes I want to take

Bart's mom fixed my favorite jeans so they are wearable again ( and the fact that I fit into them is a plus too....is that a fat joke? yes, yes it is.)

It isn't -982347 degrees outside.

I bought new pens for class. Everyone loves new pens!

I got some loan money back, which means I get to start eating again! (hence the 7am trip to the grocery store)


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