UofU Homecoming 5K

It's Homecoming Week at the University of Utah and since I'm a pretty crappy Ute, I figured I could show my support by running their Homecoming 5K. We got their nice and early and found parking next to the hard core tailgaters!

When I got my packet Bart realized how nice the race shirts were and all of a sudden wanted to join me! He said he would run next to me to support me and keep me company. Keep in mind he runs at least 2 minutes per mile faster than me so we have never ran together before. I'm usually flying solo on races, but it was nice to have him next to me. since it wasn't really an effort for him he was pretty funny and entertaining through the whole thing. Having him run next to me made the race go by really fast. 

The University of Utah's campus is in love with hills and this race captured that perfectly! It was probably the hardest 5K I've done because of the hills. I was really proud of myself at the finish line because I ran the whole thing, AND I wasn't last!

I think this is my favorite 5K  I have done so far (Thanks to Bart for running with me). 

We are doing Utah State's Homecoming 5K on the 29th and I'm sure that one is going to be a blast too!

Pre-race game face

Look at those inclines! That downhill portion was pretty awesome...but the last straight-up leg of the race was kicked my butt, but I didn't walk it so...go me!

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