Elephant Paints

Finally made it to the gym today. To be honest the only reason why I did was because there was nothing on TV. HA! I don't even like TV that much, but being fat and lazy is soooooo much easier than not being fat and lazy. I was looking at my past workout history and I use to kick butt! (hence me fitting into my jeans) and fortunately since I did the whole weight loss thing the healthy and right way I'm not gaining anything back...which is nice. Either way, I have two 5K's this month so at least I can say I did something right?

Today for work I got to go to the Hogle Zoo!  We were doing a shoot for Good Things Utah so we got to go behind the scenes and watch this elephant paint a picture. How awesome is that? The cutest thing is that trainer has been with that elephant for more than 30 years! It's like a story straight out of the movies. There is a younger elephant there too that was wondering why no one was giving her attention so she poked her head over the rocks. Gotta love VIP perks!

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