10 Things

My cute sister Katie has this cute blog with cute things on it and I'm stealing one!

10 Things You Would Say To Your 16-Year-Old Self

1. More people like you than you realize...don't let those few get you down.

2. I know you really like him, but sometimes it's better to just let go

3. The friends that left you were not good enough for you anyway

4. Stop spending all of your money!!!

5. But seriously, stop going shopping

6. Give the parentals a little more credit...they understand more than you think.

7. These next few years are going to be the lowest years of your life....but you pull through

8. You may not realize it now, but all that time you spend alone without friends, makes you a better, more independent person.

9.  ......you really should stop spending all of your money on stupid stuff. even if it does make you feel better.

10. Your dreams will come true....many of them sooner than you may think.

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