Birthday Episode

So it's been a few days but I finally have time to write this post!

The Daily Dish celebrated it's 2nd "birthday" on Monday so I wanted to do a special show dedicated to a party theme. I had my best friend Sarah come on the show to talk about party planning and party favors. I knew I could count on her to do an amazing job and she did! I was nervous that morning because I had been battling a toothache, but everything turned out so well I'm really happy with it!

Go HERE to check out the show

I am really enjoying my job, and I'm even getting use to the schedule! This week has been pretty crappy because I've had the toothache from Hell since Friday and then yesterday my stomach started eating me from the inside out. I really get annoyed at my body sometimes because I feel like I'm always sick, despite my best efforts to take care of it. It seems like I get one thing taken care of and another thing just pops up to take its place. It doesn't help that I HATE going to the doctors. I'd rather be in pain than go to a doctor. I've had this same pain for over a year and no doctor has been able to work with me and figure out what is going on. The pain is pretty bad at this point though so I don't think I really have a choice anymore...

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