I've been watching video from September 11, 2001 this morning.

I remember the day perfectly. I was in 6th grade. That morning my dad was taking me to school and said a plane hit a building in New York. Was it an accident? That's what they thought when it was only the first plane.

By the time I got to school the TV's were on and all the 6th grade teachers were crying. All of the 6th grade classes got together in my classroom and watched the newscast. I was in the second row on the right side of the room, right in front of the TV. I sat next to Billy who had a short desk. All of my friends were in the same classroom surrounding our desks with their chairs.  I remember watching TV but not really understanding what was going on.

I feel more sick and sad today watching the old videos than I did that morning.

I remember getting home from school and my mom telling me I need to write down what happened today in my journal because it's going to change the world. I didn't know what I was supposed to be writing about so I just said what happened.

I'm glad my innocence protected me that day. Watching those planes hit the Twin Towers makes me sick to my stomach. Even though I didn't understand what was happening in 2001, I will still always remember that day.

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