Birthday Worthy of Pinterest

I have such a sweet husband! He totally showed off his creative side yesterday for my birthday and it was so much fun! 

When he gets home from work he has these beautiful flowers (he is getting much better at picking them out..these weren't near death). He hands me flowers and a Kit Kat with these notes
"Flowers cause you're beautiful. KitKat cause you're sweet"

Cute right? Well it didn't stop there.......
"Meat cause you're an animal"
 First stop...Ruby River! If you know me, you know I love ribs. It's kind of hard to find a place with good ribs, but this place is not too shabby. Of course dinner came with a note as well....

At dinner he gives me my present...a Fossil watch! I have been dying to have a classic watch like this and he got exactly what I wanted! This note was the best.
"Watch cause you're not always on time, but I'd like you to be"

After we got done eating he hands me one more note....CHICK FLICK! yay! I have been wanting to see Pitch Perfect since it first came out, and he was kind enough to take me. The movie was SO GOOD. Have you seen it? We both loved it and it's one of those I'd like to own (which is saying something because i'm really not a big watch-movies-more-than-once person)
"Chick Flick cause I love you that much"

 To summarize: Bart's the greatest and I had such a fun birthday! Wasn't he just so creative? I was proud and I even asked if he got the idea of Pinterest (he looked at me with disgust). Thanks Bart, you're the best! 

Plus, the celebrations aren't even over yet because I get to go to my parent's on Thursday for family dinner, and then ST GEORGE!

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  1. Awww! That looks like such a wonderful birthday, and your husband is so sweet! I love the note about you not always being on time the best, too!



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