winsconsin cauliflower soup

So for my awesome job I get to look at other bloggers and find some I want to come on the show. Cool beans right? right! except sometimes I get to comparing myself to their blog-self and it can bring a girl down sometimes. The good news? I found a recipe for Zupa's Wisconsin Cauliflower Soup! Now the fat girl inside of me is sooooo excited to try this out. Bart got in his head that we need to have soup every week which means I am always looking for new soup recipes

On that note---we still have a container full of my Chicken Noodle Soup that has NOT been eaten. what's the point of leftovers if they don't get eaten? I should probably mention that I forgot to add Chicken to said Chicken Noodle Soup...maybe that's why it's still chillin in the back of the fridge (chillin...hahahah get it? )

...back on topic! I am going to the grocery store and picking up these ingredients, I will let you know how it turns out. It doesn't look too difficult and I am becoming an expert in the kitchen (ha!) so one can only assume this will end well.

another side effect of checking out all these fun girls online is the instant realization I get that my wardrobe SUCKS. i need someone to take me shopping and dress me. please? anyone? Maybe I struggle because as a general rule I avoid all clothing stores and malls. Once and shopping addict ALWAYS a shopping addict and I have learned the best way to keep me from scratching my itch is to just not go into any of those stores. good policy I know, but clearly my wardrobe is lacking because of it.

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