Snow, coats and naps

Well my birthday celebrations have officially begun, and mother nature decided to give me snow to start things off right! I loved it! The storm was awesome. I loved watching it snow all day at work and then coming home and getting in sweats and slippers and some hot cocoa of course....can't forget the cocoa

On Saturday it was too snowy to go running, so Bart and I decided to go jean shopping for my skinny hubby....it wasn't a pleasant experience. 
We went to Khols first and by the end Bart wasn't a happy camper. I found myself an AMAZING red coat (pics to come) but we couldn't find any pants that fit Bart.
 Who knew losing 30 pounds would make it harder to find jeans?? 

We went to the mall next and we found ONE pair of jeans...three different stores and only one pair. Not even the same style, but different brand, fit the same....so, ONE pair of jeans later we were done shopping....
we probably won't be doing anything like that anytime soon. 

Later that day Bart and I met his mom and brother at Red Rock for some lunch.
Love that place!

All bundled up with 3948 layers to decrease the possibility of me whining about the cold
 And what would a Saturday birthday celebration be without taking a nap?? 
Which is exactly what we did and it was a pretty great nap.

To finish off the day we headed down to my old stomping grounds (any by stomping grounds I mean the place where sad, terrible memories were made). Our nephew was playing in a championship football game at Lehi High so despite the 20 degree weather, we went and watched! His team was playing Lehi's team which of course means Lehi lost...because that's what Lehi High School does....lose!
It was freezing but since it was a little league game it was only an hour and half so we survived.

All this fun stuff and my birthday hasn't even happened yet! Stay tuned :)

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