Holiday Update

So my blog told me I have to start paying for more space if I want to post more pictures. Luckily I FB stalked enough to find out that I just had to add another "author" (aka Gmail account) to my list and I'm back in action. It's really annoying the hoops we have to jump through to stay cheap....amiright????

Anywho.....because of said photo-problem I am a little late putting these pics up but that's okay because it's not even December yet so I am still technically ahead of schedule.

On Thanksgiving we ran the Utah Human Race. It was really fun and really cold. Bart had his best time and I....finished! Go me.

Thanksgiving was great as usual. We spent the day at my parents house bonding with the fam damily...later that night we had dessert at Bart's mom's house. I love Thanksgiving and have so many blessings to be Thankful for!

Can I just say that I love creating new traditions with Bart and our future family?! We decorate the house on Black Friday while watching "Christmas Vacation". This year we even got fancy and put Christmas lights on our front windows. For now it's not much, but the few decorations we have make our apartment so cozy!

Year two of tree decorating...I think I'm getting better!

Our new ornament (B for Bowen....Get it???!)

This was our first family ornament from last year, go Aggies!

and that's my cute Husband getting cheeky

As Bart would say, this is our 2nd Christmas married, 3rd Christmas in love and 4th Christmas together 

Another tradition is that Bart reads A Christmas Carol every night. Let me just tell you that Charles Dickens really knows how to confuse your tired little brain if you read this too late at night. Bart's a great reader though so I enjoy this little part of our Christmas nights :)


  1. Ok, I promise I'm not hitting on your husband or anything, but holy cow, Bart looks great!! Love your tree!

  2. Lol no apologies needed Meg! He does look great. Who knew THAT was under those 30 extra pounds?!?!? :)



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