More S%$@ Bart Says

It has been a while since I've posted more $%&# Bart says...I guess he just hasn't been that funny lately :)

B-Are you ready yet?
M- Why are you being so impatient?
B- Well.....because I'm sick of you.

B- Opposition in all things Meg. You wouldn't be able to smell roses if you couldn't smell my farts.

B- Just write me a list of shit you want me to do and I'll throw it away and then think about it.

B- Megan if I operated my life the way you did I would be a female. And I don't want that.

B- Do I really need to stand up the first day of class and say if you're going to throw up just get up and go. If you're going to shit yourself just get up and go and we will deal with it later.

B- (Talking to the TV) You're wrong dude. You're the man. You have a penis and she's hungry. You're going to be wrong.

B- You're not eye candy. You're more like eye vegetables. No one really wants a piece but they'll have some if they have to.

B- Get a hobby
M- Like what?
B- Well most people in Utah have children...why don't you try that?

B- I'm cooler than a hipster because I wear jean shorts.

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