Crazy Chick

My clubhouse key is going to turn me into a crazy chick. Or rather, the lack of having a clubhouse key is turning me into a crazy chick.

Each month Bart and I pay an HOA fee. Most of that fee goes toward the beautiful clubhouse with 24 hour fitness room plus pool and park and other things I don't care as much about as the fitness room. We are up to date on our HOA fees. In fact, we are 6 months AHEAD on our HOA fees. And yet here I am, sitting in my home we bought TWO WEEKS AGO without said key.

I have contacted the idiot HOA lady who has repeatedly lied to me. She first told me we would have to pay $50 if we wanted a key since the previous owner didn't leave hers. I then informed her that since it's not OUR FAULT the previous owner didn't leave the key there was no way in hell we would be paying that $50. She said okay fine I will put one in your box tomorrow.

That was 10 days ago.

Every other day since then I have called and emailed inquiring about my key. Each time she says she will put it in the next day. So either she has put 5 different keys in some mystery mailbox or she's been lying to me to get off the phone.

Well guess what biotch. The claws are coming out tomorrow. Watch out.

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