Last Class

Sometimes I really hate school. And my sometimes I mean most times. I especially hate video editing classes that use us for interns and don't really teach anything. I also hate when it's expected to do 10 hours of homework each week (recorded) for a 1 day a week class. Screw you! Why do you think I'm taking a night class? BECAUSE I HAVE BETTER THINGS TO DO THAN GO TO SCHOOL.

They don't teach anything and then send us on our way. I had to figure out on my own how to dictate video into written text so I can log interviews. It's awesome. I've been at the library for 2 1/2 hours already and I will probably be here another 2. I hate video production. I'm not interested in doing this for my career. Waiting for things to load and render and hoping the equipment works is not my cup of tea. Maybe if it was my job to sit at a computer and wait for things to load I wouldn't be so upset. But it's not. And this is my LAST CLASS for graduation. Kill me now.

Also, don't bring your freakin' baby to the library. I'm sorry you got knocked up in the middle of your college career, that sucks for you, but don't make it suck for the rest of us. We're not interested in hearing it cry all afternoon. Take it outside and don't bring it back!

Did I mention I was upset? Because I am. I'm hungry, tired and upset. We have been fridgeless since Saturday when we moved in. Living out of a mini fridge. We have tortillas, cheese, turkey bacon, eggs and carrots. That's what I've been eating the last few days. Bart also made homemade guacamole so we enjoyed that the other night. But still, I'm starving and I need a damn fridge!

My first half marathon is this Saturday. I think my marriage will make it until then. I'm pretty sure every time I wake Bart up for an early morning run he thinks about leaving me. He has been such a good sport I try to pay him back :)

After three hours in the library it's clear I won't be able to finish my work. I don't understand Adobe Premiere and they didn't teach it to me. Is it expected that I understand it? Am I just out of my league here? That's what I'll be asking my professors tomorrow when I turn in a unfinished project!

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  1. Unfortunately I think this is all too common in Education. There were so many classes that I took where nothing I was learning was practical for what I was going to do. Even Trevor in Law School gets frustrated because they don't teach them how to realistically practice law at all or what the law world is like, they expect you to go out in the summers and figure it out through internships... why do we pay a fortune to go to school when it is when we get out that we really learn how to do what we paid for?!! Hope things turn around for you! Just think, YOU ARE ALMOST DONE!!!



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