Day 160

As my treatment gets closer to ending I can't help but think of the past 5.5 months! I was just put on my final round of supplements that will be addressing my brain/mental side of things. Brain fog and haziness has never been a major issue which is why they have waited until the end to fix it. We started with the biggest problems and now we are just finishing up! I'm almost there! I have said it before, and I'll say it again: It's amazing what a few months can do!

Here was my update from Day 6:
.  There are many different ways to eat chicken...learn those ways

. carrots for breakfast? why not?!!

. It's amazing to have a best friend who is going through exactly the same thing. What are the odds? God knew what he was doing when he put us together all those years ago.

. Quinoa is still nasty. I invite anyone to cook me "tasty" quinoa and bring it to me so I can learn what it's supposed to taste like.

. Apparently 80oz of water a day isn't enough...potty breaks anyone?

. a week of being sugar, dairy and process food free and my skin is breaking out like a teenager. Where's the justice in that??

. the "I feel full" feeling only lasts about an hour.....I miss you carbs....

. Coconut Milk and Almond Milk mixed together kinda sorta tastes like Fat Free normal Milk

. I felt super healthy at the grocery store. helllloooo produce aisle. 

Here is my update from Day 160

  • There are still many ways to eat chicken. I have become the best at grilling it. Even Bart is impressed with my skills.
  • I now have an egg, turkey bacon and corn tortilla burrito for breakfast. it's amazing the progress I've made in choices :)
  • I still love my bestie who has supported me through all the hard days when all I wanted was some candy and a hug
  • Quinoa is STILL nasty. The original bag is in my pantry...every time I use it I end up throwing most of it away.
  • My water intake has definitely decreased...probably not a good thing but oh well!
  • 5 months of being sugar, dairy and proccess food free and my skin is AMAZING! The justice came.
  • The "I feel full" feeling still only lasts an hour..but the "I feel hungry all the time" feeling isn't here anymore either.
  • My new found love is the dark chocolate Almond Milk
  • I still spend all my time in the produce aisle. I haven't decided which store has the best food..

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