10 More Ways to Be Happier (not backed by Science)

I ran across this article today..


Reading it I checked off the things I do well (hello 8 hours of sleep) and the things I could work on (meditation anyone?). It got me thinking of a few more things that might not be science-backed..but they make me happy

11. Keep chocolate at your desk (and let yourself eat a second piece if need be).

12. Drive to work without the radio. You appreciate the beautiful sunrise and fresh new day.

13. Kill them with kindness. Smile at the ass hole you work with and your day will be better. I promise!

14. Grab your husband's butt on a daily basis

15. Write in a journal and blog your feelings away

16. Visit the Humor section on Pinterest (seriously..it's hilarious)

17. Pat yourself on the back after you do something awesome. aka give yourself a little more credit for how amazing you are.

18. Eat another piece of chocolate

19. Clean out a messy drawer. Throw away those old tshirts or extra pens you NEVER use. It makes you feel better!

20. Buy yourself something nice. It doesn't have to be pricey. Just get something for YOU.

Stay Happy everyone!

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