4 miles of emotion

I went running tonight 

The first mile was filled with anger and frustration. I knew my anger wasn't anyone's fault but my own and I didn't want to take it out on my family. So I laced on my sneaks and ran out the door. I mumbled under my breath and swore and took all my anger out on the wind. 

The second mile was spent letting go of my stress and frustration. My anger turned to sadness and I wondered what life was supposed to look like and what more I should be doing. Still running against the wind, I let my body take me further and further away from my problems. 

The third mile I decided to turn around and head back home. Most negative feelings were gone and now I was focused more on my physical state instead of my emotional one. I just kept running, my mind finally clear. 

The fourth and final mile was filled with gratitude and pride. The wind was now helping me push up that last hill and my body allowed me to go the distance I had chosen. My anger was gone, my frustration soothed and my sadness put away for now. 

I ended my run with a little prayer of thanks and help as I stepped back inside my home - a much better version of myself. 

1 comment:

  1. Loved this! I have so many moments like this...mom problems! Love you!!



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