Throwback Thursday: Funny &%$# Bart Says

These posts are always a fan favorite. Too bad Bart has stopped saying funny things. Here's a throwback to October 2012 when Bart was still funny :)

More S%$@ Bart Says

B- It's so hot in this house
M- No it's not.
B- Well Megan, you don't have to sit by you so you wouldn't understand

B- What, I have to watch a freakin infomercial on Ryan Lotche instead of sand volleyball?

M- Why do I even open my mouth?
B- I don't know, you know I don't listen.

M- Kristen Stweart cheated on Robert Pattinson and it's really sad..
B- ....Was it with Jacob?

B- The problem is you're comparing Grey's Anatomy to football.

B- (Playing -and losing- the science games at the State Fair) I feel like I used to play these games in High School and win...Am I just too intelligent now?

B- My boy is going to have huge cheeks. People are going to ask, "Hey, did your son get stung by a bee?" and I'm like "no, that's just his face" 

B- My name is Bart, I have great calves, and I'm a Mormon

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