Mastering Motherhood

Buying high waisted* leggings and then wearing those leggings every.single.day 
*aka high enough to squish in that post-baby chub and make your old shirts somewhat more acceptable to wear 

To just not give a damn about above-mentioned post-baby chub 

Being able to go to the bathroom with a baby in your arms (don't act like you've never done it) 

Not really knowing what to do with your cute pink thing now that she is awake for more than 30 minutes at a time....

Busting out that shiny new toy and getting SO EXCITED so maybe she will find it entertaining too...

Sad that the booger sucker makes her cry bloody murder....but not enough to stop before that nasty boog is out 

Being able to reach behind while driving and put her bink back in her mouth...and sometimes getting her ear instead 

Looking at toddlers at football games and bring completely overwhelmed at the thought of baby girl growing up. (This motherhood thing has only just begun) 

Mixed feelings between sleeping through the night and enjoying those middle of the night cuddles

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