The 3 blog posts I just really really hate

The last several weeks I've had a lot of "spare time" aka I don't want to clean my house AGAIN but the baby is sleeping but not long enough for me to actually sleep spare time

So I've been reading lots of blogs because it kinda (not really) helps with my loneliness and it totally makes me think maybe one day I could be a funny cool writer of things that other lonely moms/women/people would want to read. 

So after reading 93756 blog posts I have acquired a love/hate relationship. 


The recipe post

I really hate it when food bloggers put a photo (or 2 or 12) up after every.single.step.  seriously??? We all know what sugar, eggs and vanilla looks like in a bowl before it's mixed. No, I don't need to see how to grease your 9x13 baking dish or what your oven looks like turned on. If you're making cookies, just give me the damn recipe and a finished product picture so I don't have to thumb scroll for a solid 30 seconds before reaching the end. That's all I need. 

Next thing- 

Fashion posts

Fashion bloggers. I really just don't understand it. I don't understand the blogger or the bloggee who reads those posts. On one side you have a chick who takes 9375 pictures of herself in exactly 4 different poses with her outfit of the day that she got for free and that NO ONE (unless you also got it for free) can afford and then links readers to where they can find "similar" looks online and then you click on that link and BAM either its $400 or a totally ugly version of what she is actually wearing. And the people who like these posts? I would guess 97% of them are fashion bloggers themselves and are just scoping out the web to see if there has been a new pose created (there hasn't) 

Fashion blogger poses:
1. Hand on neck laughing up into the sky
2. Hand on hip, face looking down toward other hand/foot
3. Super close up of wrist (to show off bling of course)
4. Random laughing (did someone just tell you a joke?)
5. Hands clasped together like your praying with face looking away from the camera

And finally....

The Giveaway

Stop trying to sell me stupid shit. No I don't want to follow you and 30 other fashion bloggers on Instagram, Facebook AND Twitter just to enter. 

So that's it.... Just a few things about the blogosphere. You're welcome. 

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  1. We can totally add post workout selfies on there...even though I have been known to post sometimes after a really killer run!



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