Facebook stalking high school

My dreams have always been interesting. I've always dreamed about random people in my life on a regular basis. I usually don't tell people that "i had a dream about them last night" because of the weird connotations that go along with it.

A few nights ago I had a dream that included a kid I grew up with. We were in the same classes in elementary school and then went to the same jr. high and high school. I haven't thought about him for several years, but whenever I wake up remembering my dreams I can't help but wonder where these people are now.

I just love the internet. It makes stalking down a random person so easy. Too bad I couldn't find this specific kid on Facebook. I found his friends- but not him. Oh well. The mystery will just have to continue on.

So anyway- let's get to my main point: life after high school.

One of my favorite things about looking up old schoolmates on Facebook is to see where they are now. Since I didn't have a good experience my last few years of high school I enjoy realizing that my life turned out just as good (if not better) than a lot of those people who were mean to me. All of those hard feelings and experiences and emotions are so far away in the past- but it's almost impossible not to think about everything again when you are Facebook stalking everyone. (and let's all take a second to admit that EVERYONE has done a little Facebook stalking so I'm not going to apologize for it!)

A few things I observed about my high school classmates via Facebook:

1. All those nerdy, kinda weird looking nice boys grew up to be really really good looking. And by good looking I mean HOT

2. All those good looking popular boys? Most of them look the same, or not as good. They peaked at 17.

3. Once high school is over it's OK to be a unique individual and have your own dreams

4. That home wrecker girl who was dead set on making my life miserable is still single. Karma is a (you know what)

5. It's fun/funny to see who ended up marrying each other even though they never really knew each other in high school

Our 10 year reunion is in 3 years. Hopefully something gets planned because I would love to just talk to all of these 'kids' that I spent so many years growing up with. High school seems like forever ago, but thanks to memories it just takes a weird dream or a few minutes of Facebook stalking to remember those years!

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