March goal: Sundays unplugged

On a scale of complete failure and nice try, my March goal would fall pretty close to the former.

Spending a day unplugged is freaking hard. Especially when that day is spent inside. Let's just say it didn't really happen. and my "really" I mean at all. I WAS more aware of my screen time though and spent less time plugged in.

Good effort Meg, good effort.

Moving on to the month of April: Finish the Book of Mormon. I got a jump start on this goal in March and started listening to the scriptures every morning on my way to work. That's 25 minutes a day and I am soaring through. It's fun to "read" it in a new way. I know for sure I'm going to finish before the end of April so I will have a full report then.

As for March? I'm just going to smile and have you imagine the angel face emoji. Because I tried. Really!

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