The great nap time adjustment

Oh nap time.
A mom's best friend
A mom's worst enemy.

Nothing has stressed me out more as a young mother than figuring out nap time.
Lucky for me I have an angel baby that loves to sleep. She's actually really good at it and I have zero room to complain. This post isn't complaining about nap time. But nap time has officially changed forever!

Let me paint you a picture of what nap time looked like a week ago
baby gets fussy and tired
mom takes baby up to her crib
as baby is being laid down she puts her thumb in her mouth
baby is now in crib, laying on her back, sucking thumb.
baby falls asleep and wakes up happy.

SO EASY! The past few months she sometimes rolls over to her tummy and falls asleep that way. No big deal.

and now EVERYTHING has changed.

Baby can now get herself from lying on back position to SITTING position.
So now mom lays baby down.
Baby sucks her thumb.
Mom leaves room.
Baby IMMEDIATELY rolls over and sits up. Baby is now stuck in this position because she can't get back down once she sits up.

screen shot from the baby monitor
 It's actually pretty funny and I've had plenty of moments where I laugh and she is goofy.

It's not funny though when she is so tired and all worked up but won't stay lying down to sleep. She is sobbing and I'm trying to calm her down and she rolls over and sits up- even more mad that now she isn't lying down. Once she passes a certain point of "my life is over I am so mad ihateeverything" there's nothing left to do but put the poor poor baby in the car and drive around until she calms down and falls asleep. That's what we had to do a few days ago.

It was making me laugh because of how upset she is making herself, but it also makes me a little frustrated because IF YOU JUST DONT SIT UP EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE! But she is learning so that means I learn too.

I've said this before, but one of my favorite things as a mom is to watch her learn new things. Right now she is learning a new thing and she is adjusting. It must be really frustrating and sometimes a little scary when your world changes almost weekly.

So for now we will adjust and adapt until she learns the new skill of laying back down after she sits up. We'll see how that goes!

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