Hi Baby: Eating sand

Hi baby

I have one word to describe you lately: BUSY!!

You started crawling about 2 weeks ago and haven't stopped moving since. I don't think you really like crawling and I have a feeling you are going to start walking pretty quickly. You crawl a little distance and then sit back down to "rest" it's actually pretty adorable and I love watching you explore. Once you realized you could crawl you kind of went for the next step- pulling yourself up on things. If you're next to a box, chair, leg or stair you will pull yourself up to stand. You haven't been able to stand on your own, but you are trying!

It's so much fun to see you be mobile and explore your little world. It's important to me that you can move freely in the room(s) you are in, so we have baby proofed enough so I don't have to tell you no or drag you away from something. I just kind of let you do your thing and move wherever you want. You love a good closet! They are pretty entertaining for you. You are such a smart little baby. I can see your mind working and trying to figure things out. I love to watch you from a distance as you are in your own little world. The other day you played with the glider in your room for probably 10 minutes. You tested out the moving parts, the hard and cold metal and the soft cushions of the chairs. You kept bumping your head and getting frustrated, but I just let you figure it out. I can't keep you from bumping your head on everything and you have to learn somehow right?

We went to the lake this afternoon since daddy was going to be gone all day. We played in the sand and water and hung out on a blanket on the grass. It was such a nice day! I'm excited for this summer. You are at such a great age to go out and do new things. You loved the sand! Your little toes enjoyed the feeling of them and you shoved handfuls of sand into your mouth THREE different times. The first time I laughed pretty hard. I had zero chance of stopping your speedy chubby hands! Your face after you ate it was pretty priceless. You glared at me and just kept chewing. It was funny. I kept you from eating more, but there were two other attempts that you beat me to it.

I've had so much fun with you lately- you are my best buddy! Thanks for being so funny, happy and loving. I love you!


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