April Goal: Finish the Book of Mormon

I finished my April Goal early this month so I will recap it early :)

I love the Book of Mormon. I've probably read it 15 times. I started when I was a little girl. I've always loved to read, and my parents taught me early that the BOM should consistently be on your reading list. Even though I've read it several times I really didn't start understanding it until probably the last 5 or 6 times I've read it, and even then I finish not always getting everything. But I will never get better or understand it if I give up right? So I just keep reading and each time I do I learn something new.

This time around I started listening to the Book of Mormon on my way to work. I have about 30 minutes in my car because I drop Macs off before heading up to Salt Lake. 30 minutes listening gets you through the BOM pretty fast. I LOVED listening to it! I was able to follow the plot line so much better! It was amazing the difference it made for me. I finally understand who was who's son and why they were fighting this particular war and what books were written by which prophet. It was awesome. I loved everything I learned this time around.

Something that really stood out to me was the relationship between parents and their children. Even thousands and thousands of years ago fathers were teaching their sons the gospel and what was right and wrong. They counseled and taught and reprimanded them. They gave them advice and blessings and words of wisdom. How cool is that? There were families back then just like there are families today. Fathers loved their sons just like fathers love their kids today. I know we don't have a lot of information about what their daily activities were or everything that happened- but I got the impression that it was very similar to today. Families loved each other, supported each other, and defended each other.

Another thing I liked about listening to it this time around was I was able to imagine the actual men and prophets as they were talking. In Alma chapter 60 Captain Moroni writes a letter to King Pahoran complaining that they haven't gotten any help from the King and demanding that the King send them aid. It's a very powerful chapter and Moroni says some very bold things. As I listened to it, it felt like I was the one getting lectured (yelled at) by Captain Moroni for the 10 minutes it took to read that chapter. I was getting a little sweaty! It was kind of funny how much of an impact it made listening to those powerful words. I was just happy those words weren't directed at me.

I know the Book of Mormon is true and that it testifies of Jesus Christ. I love reading 3 Nephi and hearing about Christ visiting the people in the Americas. I might not understand or follow everything that is written every time I read it, but I do feel the spirit testifying that it's true. These men actually lived. The events and wars you read about actually took place and Christ did come visit them. I'm thankful for this book in my life and the opportunity I had to read it again.

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