Week 31 Update

Bart really sucks at taking pictures so I am stuck with mirror selfies for baby bump updates


How far along: 31W 2D

Baby size: 3.3ish lbs & 16 ish inches

Sleep: wake up religiously every night at 1 a.m. Waking up 2-5 times a night for potty breaks (depending on how much water I drank too close to bedtime). Usually NOT comfortable but I'm getting use to sleeping on my side. Apparently I now snore like a sailor (sorry Bart!)

Maternity clothes: If I'm not in maternity pants I'm super uncomfortable. I have black pants I wear pretty much every day. I'm also loving my maxi skirt. I am still wearing a few of my non-maternity shirts if they are long enough

Food cravings: I wish I was cooler in this department! I have no cravings. I really really love crushed ice and ice water.

Food aversions: Salmon hasn't been appealing this whole pregnancy, and I haven't really wanted sweet potatoes either. Right now meat in general doesn't sound good.

Symptoms I have: swollen swollen swollen feet/cankles! I was told about this "summer swelling" but I didn't really know what to expect...let's just say it's pretty ugly and kinda painful! I also have carpel tunnel 24/7 in my right hand so it's numb 100% of the time. (In general I feel pretty lucky in this department, I am feelin' pretty good!)

Latest Dr. appointment: Heart rate was 110/72 and I was measuring at 32 weeks (about 9 days ahead of schedule, so my baby is just nice and chunky! yay) I also took the glucose test and I'm waiting to hear back for the results. Here's hoping that piece of cheesecake I ate that morning doesn't skew the results...

Movement: she is getting big enough to where I can feel certain body parts sticking out...I just can't tell which side is her bum and which side is her head! I either have a leg/butt sticking out my right side all the time or a head/elbow. I can tell she is getting a little squished because it's less "dance party" and more "sloth movements"

Belly button: officially an outie! It's been making it's way out for a few weeks but went from "flat" to "out" just recently.

Best moment of the week: honestly this has been the most exhausting week of pregnancy so far...so the best moment is the fact that it's Friday night and I get a few days to relax!

What I'm looking forward to: my first baby shower this weekend and finishing my nursery!!

What I miss: RUNNING. Bart has a race tomorrow and I'm so jealous. I can't want to be able to lace up my sneaks again.

Quote of the week: "getting pregnant is like getting morbidly obese in a 9 month period....is it awkward?" -Bart

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  1. I love reading your blog! You are such a cute prego girl :)



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