Finish your milk

Today is my day off and I have been able to get a lot done actually. ( and by that I mean my house is clean, you're welcome, Bart). However, I usually try to work longer at my internship but sometimes there is just nothing to do. If no one calls me back, or they are out of town, what am I supposed to do? I kind of feel like a slacker for leaving but honestly it's either I waste my time on the internet in the office or I leave and get all my chores and errands done. Obviously when I have a job there are always slow days, but at least I will have more things to do ( I am assuming). Either way, I feel bad for not being there for very long today.

I will be going to the Beach Boys concert tonight and covering that so at least I will be doing something for them. I am pretty excited but also nervous, I never feel legit enough to be behind the scenes asking questions. The cool part of that though is people do think I am legit so I just fake it and they talk to me...it's pretty cool.

Bart is signing our lease for the apartment tomorrow so I guess we will be living in Murray! I am getting more and more excited.

I really just want to go outside and get wet today! It is such a nice hot day I feel like being wet would feel wonderful. Bart gets off work in half an hour, maybe I can convince him to take his bored wife out to play!

I think sometimes (and by think I mean I KNOW) that Bart feels like he is married to a child. I however, do not see this as a bad thing.


While helping him coach his little baseball team I asked if we could get snow cones after and spent the majority of the time complaining of the heat

When my feet are not covered with the blanket I have "peekies" and that needs to be fixed immidiately

I do not eat the crust of wheat bread. Gross.

I can't sit still enough to watch an entire movie at home.

I sometimes feel like I am married to an old man or have a father instead of a husband because of how he acts sometimes so I guess that means we are even!

"Did you pick up your mess?"
"Finish your milk"
"Did you hear what I just said?"

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