Leap Year

How could I not write a blog post on February 29?

I am attempting to watch all the footage I have taken for my project, and stupid Windows Media Player keeps crashing. I LOVE technology!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I also have a To-Do list 11 things long. That might not seem like a lot, but I'm realizing it's probably going to take me all day. Maybe it's because I am blogging right now. Even though in my defense I am only writing when WMP is frozen so I am really just multitasking.  

So lets see, last Leap Year was February 2008

Which means I was still in High School (gross) and by that I mean I was taking English every other day in the morning out in the trailer things so I didn't even have to set foot in my high school. Why was this so great? Well because every time I had to walk into that school that year I pretty much wanted to throw up with anxiety so....trailers were my best friend.

I was also attending Capelli, my home for 2,000 hours and the main thing that kept me going in 2008.

It's crazy how just 4 years can change EVERYTHING

I never would have thought back in 2008:

That I would be married to my perfect person and that boy who broke my heart wouldn't matter.

That those friendships I was making at Capelli would last and those memories would become some of my most treasured.

That I would be almost done with a bachelors degree in something that I am actually pretty good at.

That my relationship with my mom would be better than it has ever been.

2008 was an interesting year. But I have to say, the 4 years since then have turned out pretty great. 

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