bad ideas

woke up at 3:30 a.m.
dozed until about 4:20 when I started to fall asleep and have a dream i was going to be in an earth quake (my bed was shaking and everything. yeah, i'm losing my mind.)  i knew i was going into a dream so i attempted to wake myself up and almost fell right out of bed.
bad idea.
been awake since and still have an hour before I have to leave.

i cheated in my typing class in 8th grade with the numbers so i still can't find the right number without looking down. (bad idea.)

my hair is working today. FOR ONCE.

Corn Chex and banana slices = best.breakfast.ever. (good idea)

im going to need some caffeine today to put up with the stupid girl over at you know where. (good idea)

also, i did back extensions at the gym yesterday. that was ANOTHER bad idea.

really hot shower means warm body (good idea) but really dry skin (bad idea)

idea is such a weird looking word...

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